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Auto title loans for bad credit applicants living in Fremont

Get a quick & simple car title loan

Why let bad credit prevent you from applying for a loan? Certified car title loan companies like ours welcome applicants, even if their credit is poor. You can call or apply online any time you need a quick loan. One of our loans team will get back to you.

It’s a very simple process. Just owning a car almost always qualifies you for a loan between $2,600 and $20,000. The amount written on your check will be based on your car’s condition, age, and make. After a brief conversation with one of our staff members to supply that information, you’ll know how much money you can borrow. From there, it’s only a matter of making sure we have the car title and a few other relevant documents. If everything’s in order, you may receive your check on the very same day! And if it happens that you’re missing a document, our office staff will help you go through the fastest channels to get it.

 Why car owners in Fremont CA should consider an auto title loan?

We issue loans with no credit checks and won’t even ask you what you need the money for. The only important thing we need in order to lend you money is the title of your car. That’s your collateral, and our security. And don’t worry that you’ll have to be without your car. You keep it to drive as always. Once you finish paying back the loan, you get the title back.

Poor credit shouldn’t keep you back from getting a loan.
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