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About our car title loans in fremont

Emergency cash for bad credit cases

Money problems can be like storm clouds – arriving totally unexpectedly out of a blue sky. One day everything is going well, you are paying your bills and managing to keep up. Then a totally unpredictable event just stuns you and the whole structure of your family spending is completely thrown. When people in Fremont CA have issued with cash shortages, increasingly they know the place to which they can turn. Our car title loans in Fremont allow people with bad credit score to apply for a loan, since we use the car title as collateral.

Use the car title as collateral

We understand that you don’t have all the time in the world and that your credit record may not stand up to scrutiny. But that doesn’t matter because unlike banks and similar lending organisations, we don’t need to analyse anyone’s credit patterns. We base our lending – and we offer loans between $2600 and $20,000 – on the book value of a privately owned motor vehicle.

Simple application process

You will be amazed how simple the whole procedure really is. You just place a call and speak to a member of our loans team.  They will ask you a few straightforward questions about your car – its make, model and date of purchase – and they should then be ready to get you pre-approved. After that we make arrangements for you to hand over your car documents and then receive your check.

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